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Cerimonia religiosa per Giusy & Domenico - Capri My Day - Wedding & Event Planner

A young couple in love, exquisite details and the sea as a backdrop. This is Giusy and Domenico's most beautiful day, spent by our protagonists amidst the wonders of the island of Capri. The bay of Marina Piccola, with its marvellous scenery and numerous dream venues, provided Giusy and Domenico with the backdrop for every single moment of their beautiful wedding.

Matrimonio a Capri dal lontano Mississipi - Capri My Day - Wedding & Event Planner

Callie and Daniel, coming all the way from Mississipi to the island of Capri, had no doubts about the setting for their elopement wedding...Capri stole their hearts from the very first moment. The stunning Hotel Cesare Augusto offered them the most beautiful backdrop for their long-awaited "Yes, I do": a terrace overlooking the blue sea, decorated with compositions of small white flowers

Cerimonia simbolica per Daisy & Mark - Capri My Day - Wedding & Event Planner

To get to Capri from the distant United States, Daisy and Mark faced a journey that was certainly not a short one. But they could not have done otherwise, since they visited Capri for the first time and fell madly in love with it. Daisy and Mark therefore chose to begin their adventure at the luxurious Tiberio Palace, where they stayed, before getting married through a symbolic ceremony on the sea-view terrace of the equally elegant Capri Palace.

Matrimonio in pieno Capri Style - Capri My Day - Wedding & Event Planner

Authentic, charming and classy: this is the kind of event we wish to design for each of our couples. A memorable event not only for them, but also for us who have been living for months the preparations of the special day alongside them. In love with the breathtaking views of Capri, also Tania and Ciriaco asked us to realize their dream of a wedding in pure Capri style.

Destination wedding per Rachael & Danny - Capri My Day - Wedding & Event Planner

Those who choose Capri as their wedding destination already have in mind a wedding that in some way, either hiddenly or explicitly, recalls the spirit of the island. Colors, patterns and stylistic choices of various kinds are indeed what makes a wedding a true event in full Capri style, just like the wedding of Rachael and Danny. When Rachael and Danny, a very sweet couple from the United States, asked us to design a wedding for them in classic Capri style, a dream event immediately began to take shape in our imagination.

Destination wedding da sogno - Capri My Day - Wedding & Event Planner

Another beautiful love dream come true: that of Olivia & Robert, a lovely English couple who had always wanted to get married in one of our beautiful venues. The tailor-made design we came up with for their destination wedding only helped make this experience even more special.

Boho wedding per Kelly e Chris - Capri My Day - Wedding & Event Planner

When a couple falls in love with the Belpaese and decides to make it the magical setting for their wedding, they begin to daydream about a project that unfailingly includes spectacular views, good food and refined elegance mixed with a folkloric spirit that tells of an ancient and passionate land. Kelly and Chris, from the United States, also shared this dream with us, and we worked to make the dream, a reality.

Matrimonio luxury a Capri - Capri My Day - Wedding & Event Planner

In a place as unique as Capri, there are all the ingredients needed to create a striking, memorable and classy event, just like Gunnar and Heida's wedding. Exclusive venues adorned with small, magical details provided the backdrop for a truly dreamy wedding, in which the island's breathtaking views and the lively spirit of Capri provided an unforgettable experience for our bride and groom, their guests and, no doubt, for us as well!

Tra il giallo dei limoni e il blu del mare - Capri My Day - Wedding & Event Planner

Elegance lies in every detail, every accessory and gesture, It is the same elegance that we used as a common thread for Paul & Felicity's destination wedding in Capri. However, besides the bride and groom's love and elegance, it was the identity of the area that provided the theme for the event. It was no coincidence that our bride and groom chose the splendid Capri to celebrate their union.

Semplicità ed eleganza a Capri - Capri My Day - Wedding & Event Planner

Every wedding is the crowning achievement of a unique, personal and unrepeatable story. For this reason, we at Capri My Day aim to create equally special events, capable of authentically conveying the personality and story of the two protagonists. For Clara and Alan, who chose to combine the cheerful spirit of the island of Capri with the timeless elegance of simplicity for their wedding, we were committed to designing a personalised wedding, a true daydream.