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Wedding on boat

February 14, 2023by admin

Unconventional wedding ideas: wedding on boat

Unconventional and romantic, a wedding on boat is the perfect way to enjoy an emotional ceremony with friends and family.
A wedding boat, however, requires that those who organise it pay close attention to certain aspects, such as costs and validity: Italy does not recognise the validity of a ceremony held at sea. But do not give up, your wedding on a boat can be considered valid by the State according to certain modalities: if the ship remains docked at the port, there is no problem for the wedding to take place, if you prefer to do it in the open sea, then it is advisable to have a legal wedding beforehand and perform the symbolic one at sea.

When planning your romantic boat wedding, you should always pay attention to your budget, as the price can vary a lot depending on the services you use:

  • getting married during the day is cheaper than in the evening, due to the use of lighting in the boat;
  • the choice of the size and type of boat is important because it is known that renting a sailing boat does not cost the same as renting a yacht;
  • the number of guests must match the boat.

These are important and not to be overlooked details, but certainly the sea breeze, the sun, the smell of the sea will make it all worthwhile, giving an extra touch to the event that will remain indelibly in your memories!