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Kelly & Chris’ boho chic wedding

Boho wedding per Kelly e Chris - Capri My Day - Wedding & Event Planner

Lots of colors for Kelly and Chris’ boho chic wedding

One of Capri’s most scenic venues, the Gardens of Augustus, hosted Kelly and Chris’ colorful boho wedding.

When a couple falls in love with the Belpaese and decides to make it the magical setting for their wedding, they begin to daydream about a project that always includes spectacular views, good food and refined elegance mixed with a folkloric spirit that tells of an ancient and passionate land. Kelly and Chris, from the United States, also shared this dream with us, and we worked to make the dream, a reality.

Overlooking the Faraglioni and the azure blue Mediterranean Sea, the two found themselves exchanging wedding vows in the presence of family and friends, surrounded by a mix of bright and cheerful colors that graced the bridesmaids’ dresses and floral arrangements by Capriflor by Domenico Ruggieri. The Britpops‘ acoustic guitar played their favorite songs from the 1970s, including their own song, Led Zeppelin’s “Thank You.” Then the folk band Scialapopolo came to surprise them after the ceremony, making them dance to the rhythm of traditional tunes.

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