Indirizzo:Via Finestrale, 3, 80071, Anacapri (NA)
Telefono:+39 333 168 8965 - +39 334 215 0106

La Fontelina

La Fontelina Capri - Capri My Day - Wedding & Event Planner

La Dolce Vita at La Fontelina Capri

Easily accessible on foot from the centre of Capri or by boat for a more dramatic entrance, the Fontelina is one of Capri’s most iconic establishments.

Its popularity stems from the passion and traditional hospitality of its owners, but it was the stars of the 1950s – such as Brigitte Bardot or Sophia Loren – who made the Fontelina the symbol of the Dolce Vita that it is today, and who chose this place as their summer holiday destination.
Typical seafood dishes are served at Fontelina, following traditional recipes that never cease to amaze the most refined palates. Today, the Fontelina could become the location for your wedding reception, in true Capri style!

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