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Rachael & Danny Gardens of Augustus

Destination wedding per Rachael & Danny - Capri My Day - Wedding & Event Planner

A corner of paradise for Rachael & Danny at the Gardens of Augustus

Those who choose Capri as their wedding destination already have in mind a wedding that in some way, either hiddenly or explicitly, recalls the spirit of the island. Colors, patterns and stylistic choices of various kinds are indeed what makes a wedding a true event in full Capri style, just like the wedding of Rachael and Danny.

When Rachael and Danny, two very sweet newlyweds from the United States, asked us to design a wedding for them in classic Capri style, a dream event immediately began to take shape in our imagination.
Their adventure started at the beautiful Hotel Syrene, where the two stayed in preparation of the ceremony, which was instead held at the Gardens of Augustus. In this heavenly corner of greenery, the stunning Rachael, illuminated by Beautylivery‘s styling, walked down the aisle that brought her to Danny’s side. Here, in the frame of a flower arch made by Domenico Ruggiero, with the striking Faraglioni rocks as their backdrop and the love of friends and family around them, the two finally became husband and wife. Joy and celebration mood thus filled Capri, from the idyllic Gardens of Augustus to the venue that hosted the wedding banquet – the famous Da Paolino restaurant, one of Capri’s most magical places, where it is possible to taste the most authentic flavors of this land under the shade of a dense lemon grove, under which there is a fairy-tale atmosphere. Here, a colorful palette and the aroma of lemons accompanied Rachael and Danny until the highly anticipated cake cutting.

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