Indirizzo:Via Finestrale, 3, 80071, Anacapri (NA)
Telefono:+39 333 168 8965 - +39 334 215 0106

Villa Lysis

Villa Lysis - Capri My Day - Wedding & Event Planner

Timeless elegance at Villa Lysis

Classy, sumptuous and embellished by the mysterious aura which surrounds it, making it absolutely unique, Villa Lysis was, in the past, a landmark for artists, poets and intellectuals who came to Capri to admire its beauty.
Today, the Villa is one of the most exclusive structures on the island of Capri, chosen by the most sophisticated couples as the venue for their most beautiful day. Perched on a cliff above the sea, it overlooks the bay of Marina Grande, providing breathtaking backdrops and views for every occasion.

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