Indirizzo:Via Finestrale, 3, 80071, Anacapri (NA)
Telefono:+39 333 168 8965 - +39 334 215 0106

Canzone del Mare


La Canzone del Mare: a terrace overlooking the sea

The name La Canzone del Mare (Song of the Sea) is inspired by an episode in the Odyssey in which Ulysses, sailing off the rocks of an island recognised by many as Capri, had himself tied to the mast by his sailors in order to listen to the song of the terrible Sirens, by means of which they bewitched the unfortunate sailors and then killed them.
Between history and literature, the waters of Capri continue to bewitch those who sail them. And it is on the sea, the island’s most representative element, that the terraces of of this restaurant overlook, symbol of the glamour of the Dolce Vita but also of contemporary luxury.
Treat your guests to a dinner overlooking the Faraglioni and make your most beautiful day unforgettable for them too!

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