Indirizzo:Via Finestrale, 3, 80071, Anacapri (NA)
Telefono:+39 333 168 8965 - +39 334 215 0106

Villa Margherita

Villa Margherita - Capri My Day - Wedding & Event Planner

Surrounded by nature at Villa Margherita

Elegant, classy and embellished by a menu of authentic but unexpected flavours, Villa Margherita is a restaurant run by a family which has lived on Capri for generations, and is therefore capable of understanding the true spirit of the island and re-proposing it to its guests through well-thought-out culinary choices and a hospitality which harks back to a centuries-old tradition. Whether it is a very intimate event or a large party, the Villa will be able to offer even the most demanding couple a magical location for their reception!

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