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Clara & Alan at Gardens of Augustus

Semplicità ed eleganza a Capri - Capri My Day - Wedding & Event Planner

Simplicity and elegance at the Gardens of Augustus

Every wedding is the crowning achievement of a unique, personal and unrepeatable story. For this reason, we at Capri My Day aim to create equally special events, capable of authentically conveying the personality and story of the two protagonists.
For the case of Clara and Alan, who chose to combine the cheerful spirit of the Isle of Capri with the timeless elegance of simplicity for their wedding, we also worked hard to design a personalized wedding at the Gardens of Augustus, a true daydream.

Hailing from Switzerland but captivated by the colors of our Capri, Alan and Clara chose the warm and mild climate of the island to celebrate their most beautiful milestone. The greenery of the Gardens of Augustus served as the backdrop for the exciting ceremony beside the blue sea that saw them in the spotlight on a beautiful summer day. An arch of flowers provided the perfect backdrop for their”I do” moment, recalling with its delicate white flowers Clara’s beautiful dress and the flowers in her bouquet, custom-made for her

A dreamlike atmosphere surrounded those present from the moment Clarissa‘s voice and Daniela Rocchi‘s violin began to brighten the atmosphere, providing the perfect background for an unforgettable moment. Even after the ceremony, their sweet notes continued to grace the wedding reception held at the beautiful Villa Margherita. Here, photographer Umberto D’Aniello took advantage of the exceptional backdrops offered by the venue to take some wonderful photographs that help make Clara and Alan’s most beautiful day, truly unforgettable.

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