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Rebecca & Paul – Cesare Augusto Hotel

Dall'Australia a Capri: Rebecca e Paul - Capri My Day - Wedding & Event Planner

Rebecca and Paul at Cesare Augusto Hotel

When a couple from abroad starts fantasizing about their dream of love in the Belpaese, in accordance with their favorite destination, they always imagine very specific details. Then when the island of Capri is the chosen one, what is never missing in the imagination is a wedding venue with a breathtaking view overlooking the sea, good food and everything that tells about Italian tradition and taste. This is exactly the case of our newlyweds Paul and Rebecca for whom we designed an unforgettable, tailor-made wedding day. Coming from Australia, they chose the luxurious Cesare Augusto Hotel as the setting for their great day, on which terrace they exchanged their vows, surrounded by the green of the trees and the yellow of the flowers, colors that reappeared on Domenico Ruggiero‘s stationery and bouquet.

The arrival of our beautiful and very sweet bride, made even brighter by Hair Passion Capri, was truly emotional both for her and for us, who have been imagining for months, together with our bride and groom, every single moment of the big day. Umberto D’Aniello captured the moment with beautiful shots, while Ettore Castellano officiated the ceremony.

After the most exciting moment, it was time to celebrate! A beautiful blue vintage car provided by our Capri My Day Living agency drove them through the streets of Anacapri, where they were able to experience firsthand the spirit of the island by singing and dancing with Scialapopolo Folk Band and enjoying a taste of Italy with a delicious ice cream cone.

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