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Stephanie & Ryon’s elopement wedding

Un elopement wedding per Stephanie & Ryon - Capri My Day - Wedding & Event Planner

Elopement wedding in Capri

A wedding customized to the smallest details for a couple in love and of absolute good taste. Only an original and somewhat out-of-the-ordinary type of wedding like the elopement wedding could have fully satisfied them!

Stephanie and Ryon chose to crown their love with an intimate and romantic event, made even more special by the attention paid to the smallest details: from the original bouquet designed based on the bride’s ideas, who wanted a bouquet in red, fuchsia and lilac colors, to the stunning wedding cake, minimal but at the same time chic, total white but made unique by pink and fuchsia flowers.
Capri stole Stephanie and Ryon’s hearts from the very first moment: so that they decided the blue sea of Capri as the backdrop for the exchange of their wedding vows, which took place aboard a small boat gently suspended over the azure sea, not far from the Faraglioni. Only the romantic notes of Marco Ruggiero‘s saxophone and the sound of Umberto d’Aniello‘s shots kept them company during such an intense moment.

After a ride in a blue vintage car worthy of the most fascinating 1950s films, their big day was finally crowned by the much-awaited cake-cutting moment: at the Cesare Augusto Hotel, a vibrant floral arch made by Capriflor framed the moment, creating the impression that the two were letting us observe from a window a scene from a dream, their dream!

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