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Sue & Rob – Gardens of Augustus

Matrimonio sulla scia del blu per Sue & Rob - Capri My Day - Wedding & Event Planner

The blue of the sea and the green of the Gardens of Augustus

An intimate wedding, with lifelong friends by their side, all made even more magical by an iconic setting. Sue and Rob chose the blue island of Capri for their big day, and we at Capri My Day helped them realize their dream. In our careful design of the event details, we were inspired by the shapes and colors of nature-from the yellow of the flowers to the blue of the sky under which the couple exchanged wedding vows, at the Gardens of Augustus. An arch of flowers made by Domenico Ruggiero framed this emotional moment, which featured Sue, emotional but beautiful in her BeautyLivery look, and her Rob.
After the ceremony, a sparkling blue vintage car took the bride and groom through the streets of Capri, where they enjoyed the fun with family and friends dancing to the notes of folk music with the Scialapopolo folk group.

And then it was time for the reception! A spectacular seafront venue, one of the many jewels of our beloved island of Capri, hosted the festivities-the beautiful Villa Brunella. With its charming atmosphere and elegant spaces, the Villa provided the bride and groom with the perfect backdrop for the shots and filming provided by Umberto D’Aniello, Vincenzo Gargiulo, Ivan Rubino and Silvio Acocella, all accompanied by the magical live notes of Daniela Rocchi‘s violin.

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